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Monday, February 1, 2010

"The Perpetrators"

Perp 1
Description: male, age 7, brown eyes, tall, lean, sweet, the thinker.
Aliases: Crazytown, Buzzworth, Paul, Digi
Unlawful activity: Interference with prospective economic advantage, breaking and entry, cyber-crimes, obstruction of justice

Perp 2
Description: male, age 4, blue eyes, short, feisty, the ass-kicker.
Aliases: BamBam, Chewbacca, Benjamin
Unlawful activities: High risk escapee, pre-school dropout, felonious battery, crimes against Nature Eco-Friendly Babycare pull-ups--still.

Perp 3
[Strictly confidential data; Any disclosure of personal information about Perp 3 may result in the punitive wrath of a teenager.]
Description: female, age 15, blue eyes, tall, blonde, gorgeous, brainy, athletic, Vegan tendencies.
Unlawful activities: Cheats at Scrabble. Uh, I mean CENSORED.

Fila, Nuff
Aliases: Stinkin' Rats
Description: Stinking rats. No, really, they are stinking rats.

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