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Monday, May 17, 2010

Dick and Jane Don't Make the Cut

So the boys and I went to the library today.
My custom is to allow Ben to check out as many books as his little arms can manage to carry. He is able to self-check his books with the scanner on his library card, so he is pretty much on his own once he hits the children's section.
Before today, he was content to review and collect a hefty pile of children's books to lug home with him. However, this time he joined Paul and I in the main stacks where we were looking for books on stingrays. Busy with Paul, I did not notice what Ben had collected and checked out on his electronic library card until we had returned home.
Well....The bedtime reading this week should be quite challenging for my four-year-old. Here are Ben's top selections of the week:
  • 10 Steps to Successful International Adoption
  • Every Dog's Legal Guide
  • What is Economics?
  • Parenting Magazine (back issue)
  • Tic & Tac.
Should I make him return Tic & Tac?