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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ninny-Free Cooking Class: Pepsicles

Benjamin: "Today, I am going to make popsicles."
Benjamin: "Mommy, what is THAT?
Why are these popsicle sticks so fat?
And where IS the juice?"
Mommy: "What do you mean? That IS juice. See the green on the can? That means it is lime Pepsi, a well-known fruit."

Benjamin: "Hmmm. Fizzing. Juice. Oka-a-a-y.... Now put them in the freezer."
Tips from Mommy: Never, ever admit those fat popsicle sticks are actually tongue depressors stolen from the pediatrician's office. It not only sets a bad precedent for future visits, your child will most certainly tell on you during his next visit. This can be awkward.

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